How to comment voice message in facebook.

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Facebook voic msgFacebook is undoubtedly the mother of social networking platforms and it is ranked second in terms of web traffic after Google, by Alexa. In just ten years, Facebook has become a strong thread that binds us with our society,family and friends. Facebook has become an addiction to such an extent that whatever and wherever we are, we remain checking the notifications and updates on our wall. Facebook developers are continuously working to make its technology more sophisticated and user friendly. Facebook has already integrated a feature to post picture in comments , but posting audio comments is not yet possible but it can be easily achieved by installing a small extension to Google chrome.

Voice messages make your conversation more personal and interactive, and thankfully, it is now possible to send voice messages to your friends and post audio comments in Facebook Post Audio Comments/Voice Messages In Facebook !!

Talk and Comments

is a free extension in Google chrome that lets you record and send voice messages and post audio comments in Facebook. The best part of it is your friends doesn’t need to install the same extension to listen to your voice message. Audio comments once posted or sent, can be easily listened by the other party.It is very easy to integrate the tool with facebook as you only have to set the allow permission for microphone and rest of the other things are automatically configured.

1.Download Talk At Comments extension in google Chrome.

2.After the install , its icon will become visible on the navigation toolbar, click it and open the options. Set microphone permissions to allow.

3.It is now configured successfully,open your Facebook account andnow you can post audio comments and send voice messages to your friends. Click and hold the mic icon to record your message and release it to send.


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