Cool Services To Enhance Your Email Experience And Boost Productivity

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Email applications to boost productivity

In today’s world, the most common means of communication used over the internet has to be the E-Mail service because of its high usage in the corporate section. However, owing to the several subscriptions and spam mails, an email inbox is pretty much hard to read and finding a particular message in it may even take a day. Your inbox therefore seems like a trash can with the most important items at the bottom. But, you can effectively manipulate that trash can and get useful info out of it using some cool email application available. Instead of wasting your time trying to sort out your inbox, let’s take a look at some services that can do the job for you.

What mostly fills up your inbox are the online websites you subscribed to and the spammer dudes. The former is easy to handle but the latter is just tasked with making your life worse. With 9999+ unread emails in your inbox, you can see how impossible will it be to look for a particular one especially where the search feature also doesn’t work well. Today, we’ll take a look at some cool email services that will not only sort out your inbox neatly but will also be helpful to you otherwise. The list isn’t sorted.

1. NutshellMail


NutshellMail from Constant Contact is a tool that lets you effectively deal with your social media networks updates. You can say goodbye to the thousands of email updates you receive from Facebook, Twitter, LinkesIn, etc. every day because NutshellMail can keep you informed about them using a simgle message only. NutshellMail summarizes the several updates and keeps you informed about the major occurring events. The In-A-Nutshell version not only tells you what you needed, but also saves a lot of your time.

2. is an online tool that knows its way around the subscription emails. It would effectively scan your inbox and combine the several messages from your subscribers into one mail that you can read or ignore. The good thing is, you can also delete all the unwanted emails using a single click. also gives you the option to unsubscribe from the various online services you subscribed to. All in all, your inbox would just contain the important emails after having a session with It only however supports Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

3. SaneBox


SaneBox, the online paid tool would analyze each email and determine its importance based on your past interaction with the sender and then would sort out the unimportant ones and move them from the inbox to a new folder named the SaneLater and provide a digest of all those mails. It also helps you to managing your email attachments via cloud services. You can unsubscribe from any service you want by a single click. You get the service at a price of $2.04 per month while a free 14-day trial is also available. It supports all the major email platforms.

4. Mailstrom


Mailstrom works with all the major email platforms and helps you to get rid of the junk mail using artificial intelligence techniques that identify the spam and unwanted mails. It would then allow you to archive or delete the junk in bulk and clean your inbox in no time. Mailstrom also lets you unsubscribe from various online sources and helps you sort the incoming messages based upon several parameters. You can also add multiple email accounts and hence receive and manage all the junk from one place.

5. AwayFind

awayfind sms notifications

AwayFind doesn’t really clear up your email inbox from the junk but helps you to grab the important mails out of it using notifications. You can add an email account and set certain notifications criteria and AwayFind will notify you whenever a enw mails arrives that satisfies that criteria. Thus, the need to regularly check your inbox for your important mail is gone since you’ll be notified when its there. It can notify you via SMS, Twitter, IM tools or through its iOS/Android app. The service is free for one email account but you need to pay $15/month to add up more.

So instead of hesitating to take a look at your enormous inbox, you can actually sort it out and use it well to boost productivity through email. Try any one of the services mentioned and take your inbox from the 9999+ state to Inbox Zero and sure let us know about the big jump you took in the comments section.

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