Hackbook Review – Beginner's Guide to Hacking with Tools

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the hack book

The Hack Book is awesome eBook for beginners who wants to dive into the field of hacking. It contains guides to hacking tools and scripts along with underground hacking websites with awesome stuff. I would recommend this book if you are newbie in the field of hacking. You must check out Free Sample of this eBook by Clicking Here. Check out complete article to know more about this book.

Topics Covered In The Hack Book

  • Learn various Hacking Techniques.
  • Learn To Secure Your Computer From Various Hacking Attacks
  • Learn How to Tap Computers. (12+ Tools Included!)
  • How to use Malware’s (30+ Tools Included!) and also Protect yourself against it.
  • Learn To Be Anonymous On The Internet
  • Few ways of Hacking Facebook, Yahoo and Email Accounts. (Scripts Included!)
  • Make Destructive Viruses. (2 Programs Included)
  • Network Hacking
  • Website Hacking.
  • Access to the latest Hacking Tools and Underground Communities.


Non Technical Writing – First off, the writing. The writing isn’t technical at start for the readers convenience. But the usage of technical words is important later on in the eBook is something you will find. The upside is that, he explained EVERY single technical keyword at some point of time in the eBook.
Hacking Tools – The best part about the eBook is that the author gives you a handful of POWERFUL hacking tools to kick start your hacking adventures. And unlike the other websites on the web, we give tools such as these : Learn How to Hack | Hacking eBook 
Coding –  Though coding isn’t required for implementing the whole of this eBook.Also,he doesn’t teach you the whole of coding in the book (which is near impossible for any writer). He stressed well on the importance of learning coding after reading this book to become a successful and professional Hacker. The more coding you learn, the better you get at it.
Very Descriptive – The book has many pictures. As you can see for yourself in the sample book, you will see that he has given a thorough explanation with pictures for EXTREMELY easy understanding.

I would say this is a MUST READ for any budding hacker.

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