How to install back track 5 in your android.

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Today, I’m going to show you How to install Backtrack 5 on your Android smartphones and tablets.The main thing we require Android smartphone with 2.1+.But I recommend 4.0+. In my case Ill be using Micromax A91 smartphone.

Now, We will move to what all things required for Installation…

1.Backtrack 5 Arm architecture, you can download it from backtrack official website Download Here

2.A rooted smartphone or Tablet since it requires root permission to run certain scripts.(micromax a110 as example)

3.Now, just download following Android apps:

Busy Box Installers : : It acts like a installer and needs root permission to has gpu cores and can  run linux kernals on android . Download Here

SUPERUSER: This app just grants a superuser power to your phone just like “su” does for linux. Download Here

TERMINAL EMULATOR : is app that runs aterminal console in android . Download Here

Android VNC : is a tool for viewing VNC in Android. Download Here


1.Extract the package of backtack “BT5-GNOME-ARM”to the folder “BT5″on the root of SD. That’s the top level SD card.

2.Open Terminal Emulator

3.Type command “cd sdcard/BT5”

4. run this command and you will see

[email protected]

su bootbt

5. Now run backtrack GUI with VNC viewer start vnc

6.just Open Android VNC

Nickname : BT5

Password : toortoor

Address   :

Port        : 5901

7. Click on the connect but ten and boom here is your Pentest machine

NOW IT’S ALL DONE.. Now u can control it hope u like this article…

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