Product Development Process ( production and operation management)

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Product Development Process
1. Need Identification-idea created it needs to know whether it can fulfill the customer needs.
2. Advanced Product Planning/feasibility study-Market Analysis creating alternatives concepts of products , Clarifying operational requirements, design criteria and priorities and estimating logistics requirement for producing and distributing the product for the market.
3. Advance Design- investigating technical feasibility and identifying detail trade off in product design. It include analytical testing, experimentation, physical modeling and prototype testing.
4. Detailed Engineering and development- The design pattern, system and components required for product are determined. Process should be designed in a way that product will be of superior quality of minimum cost with proper safety to customers


5. Production Process Design and development- Design and develop systems like material acquisition, storing transportation distribution, warehousing. They also design human resource, control, information.
6. Product Evaluation and improvement-Evaluated throughout the life cycle .maybe data or product .
7. Product use and support- May be educate people on application of product. Provide warranty, repair and after sales service. Distribute the repair parts and components. Upgrade parts and components with design improvements.

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